I Know I Know

i wasn’t born more like shot from a canon then splat into a big brick wall and when that’s where you begin good news is you ain’t got far to fall

and don’t you know when you’re down that low just makes you wanna get high

but i mean to say here on this very day that ain’t no way no way to touch the sky

i know i know because i have tried don’t know why i lived when i seen so many die

i know i know i been there then one day on my knees found myself in prayer

now i’m a true believer i’m a truth seeker i don’t got no time for all those midnight creepers

so just keep on walking get busy with those feet whatever you are looking for don’t live here on my street

i know i know it stills calls my name says i’ll never be free i won’t never change

i know i know i’m not the mistakes i’ve made i’ve laid them all to rest threw dirt on those graves

i’m rising up rising up like a phoenix thru the smoke and the ash ain’t nothing gonna stop me

nothing gonna drop me nothing gonna make me bat a lash

i know i know just where i’m bound after where i’ve been nothing can turn me around

Written by: J, S, G& T Park Slope Women’s Shelter

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